Global issues

Along with its interest in national issues and the Kingdom's foreign relations, a large part of IRES’ work is focused on global issues that concern all of humanity, in particular mobility and security.

Designed to comprehend the numerous aspects of the migration issue, IRES's research on mobility includes the conduct of a program on the national strategy of mobility, the achievement of a study on intra-African migration , as well as the organization of dedicated international events, within the framework of the Crans Montana Forum editions in Dakhla or on the margin of international conferences.

As for security issues, IRES has handled this cross-cutting and critical topic in various works since 2011. The Institute has therefore devoted several general reports and seminars to security matters. Its reflection aims, in this area, to understand the threat in its various dimensions, analyze its potential impacts on Morocco and Its regional environment and, also, to examine the adequacy of the national and African institutional architecture with the reality of the risk.